Monkey Rock


Directions: From Rexburg get onto Hwy 20 going east.  Turn right on 300 north.  The turn is right after the St. Anthony south exit sign.  You will go over some railroad tracks.  Continue on this road through a few stops signs, the road will begin to curve left.  At the "T" in the road turn right.  A little ways down the road on the right side you will find Monkey Rock.   

Drive Time: About 20 min

Other: This is a great place for bonfires.  Also a little further down the road there is a bridge that you can jump off of. 

Cautions: Be careful jumping off the rocks.  There are boulders beneath the surface of the water.  Upstream from monkey rock there is a concrete water canal.  The canal angles down under the bridge.  Because of underwater currents, if you go on this side there is a chance of getting stuck under the bridge.  Do not go on the slide people have died here in the past.

Monkey Rock

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